About Us

Every life is important. Every person and every animal matters. With our gift of life, we each have a responsibility to respect and help one another. On our journey we must strive to make the world a better place for future generations.

LifeSeed represents so much more than a bracelet. Your seed is a personal reminder of your hopes and dreams. It represents who you are and helps you keep looking forward in any environment. It is an opportunity to spread awareness to the injustices occurring to our animal friends and our planet.

Every LifeSeed is handmade in Ecuador from real natural seeds from the Amazon Rainforest - not ivory. With every purchase of a LifeSeed bracelet, you are helping save the lives of elephants from senseless poaching, preserving the rainforest and creating jobs for artisans in South America.

Life is precious. LifeSeed’s mission is simple. To preserve every life, while spreading the joy of your own personal message. LifeSeed is a movement into sustainability and the preservation of life and Earths natural resources.

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